Making Kids Dental Care Fun

Try, if you might, to remember the joy of being a kid? We all hold cherish great memories of those days because children just naturally happen to see the beauty in the world all the time. Life is just so fun and full of tremendous excitement thanks to a little naivete. Premier Dental of Quincy and Milton, MA believes kids dental care can be just as fun as well, especially when it is done appropriately and with your full support!

We love dental care (c’mon, we are dentists over here after all!), but we fully recognize that love for dental care might not be nearly as exciting to you or your child, which can make it difficult to get your little one jazzed up about the thought of their oral health as well. But as we’ve established already, they’re predisposed to seeing the light in all things, so we know it is possible to make kids excited about their dental care!

In that spirit, we want to aid your journey to bringing the same joy and passion we see in kids dental care to your home and help you apply it to your kid’s life, and who knows, maybe you might just find a little enjoyment from dental care within yourself! At least, that’s our hope!

Brush and Floss Together

You know how your kid seems attached to your hip all the time? Use that connection to your advantage and reinforce positive habits while you are at it!

Kids love to mimic the actions of those around them, especially their parents and role models, so brushing and flossing together every day (twice a day remember!) is a great way to spend valuable time with your baby AND teach them all sorts of correct oral health techniques at the same time. A few ideas for you to remember and look for should be:

  • Brushing at least twice a day for two minutes apiece
  • Using a pea-sized dollop of toothpaste
  • Flossing to remove plaque from between their teeth
  • Spitting out the toothpaste and never swallowing it
  • Brushing their teeth and tongue with fluoride toothpaste

Add a little bit of your own creativity and insight as well! Make up some songs or a few rhymes about brushing and flossing to spice things up. You know your child best, so tailor the experience to their interests and watch them as they become the one nagging you each day to brush and floss!

Encourage Your Kid To Be Unique

Children are not the same and nobody knows your child better than you do! So use that in your favor and allow your kid’s unique qualities to shine right on through. Maybe try surprising them with a toothbrush featuring their favorite cartoon or movie characters or possibly take them on a special trip to the store so that they can select a toothbrush on their own. How fun!

  • Buy them a soft-bristled toothbrush at the right size
  • Make up silly brushing songs or rhymes
  • Take your kid to select their own toothbrush

Turn Kids Dental Care Into A Learning Experience

By their very nature, children are always eager to learn, whether they realize it or not. The key, however, it to disguise learning in a way that does not make it seem like work. Games are an excellent way to pass along useful information to kids without them picking up on the fact you are parenting them! This is a parenting-hack you’ve likely discovered already in other areas.

Try sneaking a little kids dental care learning outside the bathroom by having your little one practice reading, and if it just so happens those books talk about good oral health, well, even better (wink, wink)! Here are a few ideas you might want to consider and remember:

Build a hangable calendar in the bathroom and give gold stars for brushing Find books or videos that encourage dental hygiene to teach them outside the bathroom Use a sand timer your kid can flip to practice brushing for two minutes

Provide Them Special Toothpaste

A discouraging factor for children when brushing their teeth can be the taste of the toothpaste itself. The common minty flavors are too bold for their little taste buds and more traditional kinds of toothpaste are just too bland or gross for their tastes. Do not let your kids’ dental care fall to the wayside because of the toothpaste flavor! Now that would be truly gross.

  • Use fluoride toothpaste only when they are old enough
  • Never swallow the toothpaste, no matter the flavor
  • Find a flavor of toothpaste and character-themed toothpaste your kid enjoys

Often times kids go for the toothpaste that is made for them with characters on the tube and more palatable flavors to eliminate the foul taste. However, toothpaste should never be swallowed — no matter how tasty, and that means you too!

Enjoyable Family Dentist Visits

You want to help your kid feel safe and understand where they are when at the dental office. Make it clear why they are there seeing the dentist and establish there is absolutely nothing for them to fear. This is going to be fun and healthy!

Selecting a strong dentist office for your family is a great place to start, because a great dentist is one invested in your kid’s oral health as much as you are! Regular and routine check-ups should always be a priority, and it is recommended that people of all ages go to the dentist at least every six months, so be sure to make it a cool, enjoyable and exciting event!

Turn the entire day into positive family time by taking them to the park afterward or to a movie. Something and anything that would engage your child’s unique interests in a healthy manner. But never, ever bribe your kid into going to the dentist, because they will catch on to the pattern.

  • Connect a trip to the dentist with a fun activity
  • Bribing your child to go to the dentist should never be done
  • Make routine appointments every six months
  • Choose a dentist office supportive of kids dental care

Remember, bribing your kid into going to the dentist is not a positive example or habit to create. Avoid making the trip a transaction. Rather, draw the positive connection subconsciously!

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What To Look For In a Kids’ Dentist

We understand what you might be thinking right now. Your kid is going to lose all of their teeth anyway. So just exactly what’s the point in taking them to see a dentist, much less on a routine basis?

You’re not the only one who’s had this thought. Unfortunately, a child’s healthy smile doesn’t start following a visit from the tooth. A child’s initial teeth are still important to their health and development of your child because they keep a space for their permanent teeth still growing in the gums, not to mention helping your child speak, chew, eat and smile! So seeing a kids’ dentist has long-term payoff.

Beyond their physical health, it’s important to prepare your child mentally for the rest of their lives. Setting strong mouth-care habits from a young age, and creating a positive attitude around dental visits, sets a foundation for a lifetime of positive experiences and habits.

So now you better understand why taking your child to the dentist is important, but what about picking the right kids’ dentist for your family and what you should seek? Here are some helpful tips Premier Dental of Quincy and Milton, MA has for you. Enjoy!

Study Up

Selecting a kids’ dentist is a personal decision. You want to go to somebody you provides your child positive experiences while doing it, because this is very likely the same dentist your child will see for much of their life. Here’s a quick overview of this section:

  • Ask people you trust such as friends, family, neighbors or coworkers to find out which dentist they see and if they provide care for children.
  • Ensure your prospective dental offices gets positive reviews and have a convenient location.
  • Verify the prospective dental office accepts your dental insurance plan.
  • Are they members of reputable professional societies such as the American Dental Association?
  • Does the office offer and support emergency situations and are they prepared to handle unexpected dental problems?

Almost nothing is worse than taking time out of your busy daily routine only to discover in the middle that the dental office doesn’t work for your family because of avoidable snags. It’s worth your time to check on these key areas before making a decision. If these boxes are filled, then you’ve likely found a great candidate for a kids’ dentist that’s right for your child! But you’re not quite ready yet. There are some other considerations and steps to take first.

Visit and Score the Dental Office

Great job! You’ve found a qualified, convenient and trusted dentist near you. Now you’ll want to find out if this is really the best kids’ dentist for your child and family, and the dental office itself can leave behind bits of information for you to examine. You want to find an office that’s inviting and friendly to your child. You want this to be a fantastic experience for your child. Look for these indicators:

  • Look for toys, books, games and other things which are supportive of your child. Is there furniture for kids or other hints to suggest the office welcomes children? Cartoons or engaging, educational TV content can be a positive sign.
  • Make sure the office staff and dentist are friendly and interactive with your kid. Are they comfortable communicating with your child or children of all ages (including varying behaviors!)? Do they appear to be patient or understanding of any fears your child has about seeing a dentist or they might have about being in a doctor's office setting?
  • Pay attention to the services provided to children and see if the dentist caters the treatment for children, which may include sunglasses to shield their eyes from bright lights or giving them toothbrushes with their loved and familiar cartoon or movie characters. Anything that would suggest they care about making the time at their office fun for your child.

Any of these signs are wonderful indications that you’ve done a tremendous job finding right kids’ dentist for your kid. Well done! Just a couple more things to weight before making the final decision and this dental office is the one for you!

Post-Visit Considerations

You can be sure the kids’ dentist you’ve scouted is qualified and a strong fit for your family thanks to all your research up to now and because they support a comfortable and calm experience for your kid after visiting the office, so now it’s time to look at a few more things after the meet and greet:

  • Always ask your kid about the visit and see how they interpreted the experience and the dentist themselves. Did your child enjoy the time there and do they feel comfortable about the dentist? Did your child connect with the dentist and their personality and would your child like to see them repeatedly?
  • Did the dentist see your kid quickly? Your child’s health is important and so is your time. The dental office care about all that too.
  • Search for signs of a gentle examination and oral care, yet still thorough out of a good kids’ dentist. They can get the job done accurately and efficiently while maintaining your kid’s comfort.
  • Your dentist should answer any and all questions you might have with respect and concern, not to mention offering advice on proper oral care at home, any causes and prevention of dental diseases and any information important to forming a healthy smile.
  • There’s definitely no need to rush the decision. As we’ve established up until now, selecting a great kids’ dentist for your family is an important decision considering the likelihood your child will continue to see the same dentist and dental office for several more years at least!

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    Finding the great kids’ dentist for your child creates a sound base for a healthy future for your children and fostered a positive experience your child will carry throughout their lifetime. Each smile you see, feel proud, as you should! Their beautiful smile is a tremendous reminder that you are an awesome parent as you cared enough to make an informed and sound decision for the most important person in your life!

    At Premier Dental of Quincy and Milton, MA, we understand what you should seek in a kids’ dentist and would love an opportunity to prove we’re the right dentist for your family. Let’s create a beautiful, lifelong smile for your child. Contact us and schedule an appointment today!

5 Healthy Habits For Kids Dental Care

Much of what you do as a parent comes down to teaching. Sometimes this means actively showing your children new behaviors, or indirectly teaching your kids a trait by the way you and other role models in their lives act.

After all, our goal is always to raise all of our children to grow into independent and responsible human beings so they may live a great and successful life — because as much as you possibly do not want to accept it now, your kids do grow up!

Reinforcing healthy lifestyle habits to your children is critical to ensuring their lives are long and prosperous, and proper dental health should never be forgotten. We will look into in many details (and repeat over and over!) on our blog page the importance and practices for your kids’ dental care, and how maintaining healthy teeth and mouth is critical to their overall health and quality of life.

Premier Dental of Quincy and Milton, MA knows that strong habits form at an early age as a child’s mind is constantly absorbing new information. Creating healthy kids dental care habits has a lasting effect for the rest of their lives. Here are a few great behaviors we suggest you utilize to aid the reinforcement of great dental healthy habits every day!

1. Proper Care When Teething

Let’s start at the beginning. Babies begin forming visible teeth around six months old, this being a process which will see all 20 baby teeth push through the gums, usually by the time your child is 3 years old.

Teething does create discomfort for your kid as the teeth come forth from the gums, resulting in little ones becoming fussy, irritable and having a hard time sleeping. They drool and can develop other complications like diarrhea and rashes. Common signs your baby is teething could include:

  • Trouble sleeping
  • Fussiness
  • Drooling more than usual
  • Loss of appetite
  • Irritability

Clearly, your baby is incapable of taking care of their own teeth, so it is essential to safely maintain their teeth for them until they are old enough down the road. You should rub their gums with a clean finger or use teethers made of safe rubber. Just ensure they are clean! Never use numbing gels, tablets or oral drugs as recommended by the Food and Drug Administration.

2. Ensure Pacifiers Are Clean

Many youngsters find comfort in oral aids such as their thumbs or pacifiers. There is no sure way to keep every finger is clean all the time, but kids who use pacifiers in particular should only use them when they are clean to avoid tooth decay (the destruction of tooth enamel) and other harmful diseases of the mouth.

Dipping pacifiers in honey, juice, sugar, or any other sweetened drink can contribute to tooth decay and should never be done. Baby teeth are susceptible to tooth decay as soon as appearing, and just because they will fall out, does not mean tooth decay is an issue that can, or should, be taken lightly in kids dental care.

3. Eat and Drink Healthy

Maybe it’s easy to forget just how eating and drinking in a healthy way drastically improves your dental health. But what we put into our mouths every day directly impacts the quality of our teeth and overall mouth health, so we want to reinforce how kids dental care correlates with what they are eating and drinking.

High-sugar foods and drinks take a lot of heat for poor dental health — and deservedly so! But firm substances like ice and hard candies, or other beverages such as coffee and citric juices, are also harmful. These types of food and drink are best enjoyed in moderation and always followed up with proper cleanings. Some common items that can damage your teeth include:

  • Soda
  • Coffee
  • Sports drinks
  • Sticky and crunchy foods
  • Hard candy
  • Chewing ice

Stick to healthier foods and drinks stored in your pantry so that your kids are less tempted to eat sugary, unhealthy items. Water and dairy products are fantastic options for healthy liquids, while fruits and vegetables, nuts and lean proteins are all terrific options for food!

4. Always Brush Your Teeth

Always the most crucial habit for maintaining healthy teeth and clean mouth is regularly brushing. Ensure your kid knows why brushing their teeth is important to kids dental care as it will remain so for the rest of their life. You remove the burden of brushing when your kid is a baby by cleaning their teeth until they are old enough to do so on their own. Some tips are:

  • Ensure kids use appropriately small toothbrush made for them.
  • Make sure your child begins flossing once two teeth are touching (or more).
  • Only a pea-sized drop of fluoride toothpaste is needed.
  • Teach your kid to brush their teeth at least twice a day, although after every meal is a great example to set!
  • Always watch over your child to make sure they brush and floss with proper technique and efficiency, and teach them those techniques until they show consistency on their own.

When your youngster is capable of brushing their teeth independently, buy them an appropriately-small toothbrush and enforce with them a habit of brushing twice daily (minimum!). When two or more teeth begin touching, teach them how to floss safely in order to clean spaces between their teeth to prevent plaque buildup.

As a general rule of thumb, your child should brush for two minutes in the morning after breakfast and at two minutes at night before bed. Building this habit into their daily routine will create strong kids dental care and make them simply an expected action!

5. Regular Dental Visits

Tying all your kids dental care healthy habits together are frequent and regular visits to your dentist! Everything we have touched on to this point are tremendous ways to increase your kid’s odds at fantastic-looking, healthy teeth, but routine professional visits connects it all.

A trip to the dentist is in order as soon as your child’s first tooth appears — or at the very least by the first year. Do not wait until emergencies! A dentist will look over your child’s teeth, mouth and keep an eye on their development. You are also allowing your kid to develop comfort in a dental-office setting in the process! When your kid goes to the dentist, always keep these things in mind:

  • Go in the morning when your child is more rested and cooperative.
  • Keep from sharing any anxiety or concerns with your kid as children pick up on your emotions and mirror them, so underscore the positive!
  • Never treat a trip to the dentist as punishment or a threat.
  • Bribing your child into going to the dentist is never the correct approach. Alternatively, discuss with them what to expect and why it is an important trip — and make it naturally enjoyable!

At the dentist, your child is inspected for cavities and any other issues, so ask them about concerns or further kids dental care needs. Your dentist should clean the child’s teeth and provide any other advice necessary for the future. A fabulous dentist will appreciate your kids dental care and make an effort to form a bond with your child in an effort to see them grow into healthy adults!

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The Benefits of Dental Implants

Periodontist Quincy | premierdentalma.comTransform your smile when you receive dental implants. There are plenty of good reasons for implants, including the following:

  • Permanent Replacements – The difference between dental implants and dentures is the implants are fused directly to your jawbone, making them as close as possible to natural teeth. With implants, you treat these replacements as real teeth and don’t have to worry about slippage or other issues that people with dentures have to worry about.
  • Makes You Confident – Having to walk around with missing or damaged teeth can be upsetting. When you have dental implants, you don’t have to worry about anyone seeing your missing teeth. You’ll have the confidence you need when meeting new people, going in for a job interview, or just going out to eat at a restaurant.
  • Stop Additional Problems – Did you know that you can have infections and other problems when you are missing a tooth? When you get a dental implant, you will put a stop to bacterial infections and related issues like cavities and dry mouth.

Come to Premier Dental when you are seeking a periodontist in Quincy and the surrounding communities. Dr. Nafash is able to assist you with a wide array of services, including gum graft surgery, regenerative procedures, and tooth replacements.

Standard Dental Emergencies

Emergency Dentist Quincy | premierdentalma.comDental emergencies are upsetting, but they don’t have to be! Being prepared is very important! Here are some common dental emergencies and the things you can do to handle the situation:

  • Broken Tooth – A broken tooth can happen for a variety of reasons. You may have issues related to decay or perhaps you bit down on something hard. In these cases, you’ll want to rinse your mouth out with warm water, take some ibuprofen, and make an appointment with the dentist as soon as possible.
  • Tooth Knocked Out – Dealing with a tooth that has been knocked out is very stressful and there are important steps you should take to try and save it. The most important thing you should do is never touch the root of the tooth. If you touch it, you may damage the cells and lose the tooth forever.
  • Loose Tooth – Having a loose tooth as a child is no problem, but is downright frightening when you are an adult. In these cases, you want to do what you can to lightly put the tooth in its proper place. It’s imperative that you never force a tooth into place, as it may cause the tooth to fall out.

When you are dealing with a dental emergency, you need someone you can count on! Dr. Nafash and his team at Premier Dental are ready to help! Call him today at (617) 203-6082 to request his assistance. Dr. Nafash is a talented emergency dentist in Quincy and the surrounding communities.

How Smoking Affects Your Dental Health

Dentist in Quincy | premierdentalma.comMany smokers understand that there are a lot of risks that come along with this bad habit, but did you know that smoking can cause considerable damage to your teeth? We have put together a handful of dental issues you may face as a smoker:

  • Dental Implant Problems – When you are a smoker, there is a possibility that you won’t be able to receive dental implants. Smoking has been known to cause bone loss problems, which means a dentist may not be able to put in an implant properly.
  • Bacteria and Plaque – Smoking changes the atmosphere in your mouth, which makes it hard to fight bacteria- and plaque-related issues. Having problems with plaque and bacteria causes complications related to gingivitis, in addition to problems that may force you to have a root canal.
  • Dryness of the Mouth – There are many difficulties that come along with dry mouth issues, such as thick saliva, problems chewing your food, tooth decay, and frequent halitosis. Many smokers suffer from dry mouth problems and frequently have to deal with these issues when they come to the dentist.

Visit Dr. Nafash today to discuss any issues you may have with your teeth that may be related to smoking. As a dedicated dentist in Quincy, he is prepared to provide you with proper dental care and perhaps give you some inspiration to help you get rid of your smoking habits.

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